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Bella Casa Affiliate Info!

WHY JOIN US? At Bella Casa we care about our affiliates & our customers. We've been trading almost 1 year & have been supporting affiliates from the very start. We offer a huge range of popular products & collections, we offer lower delivery times & express options & we're constantly looking to stay on trend. - Earn 20% commission from everything you sell/buy. - 3% for any sales from your teams. - Own website created for you to send to customers. - Own back online office to manage your business. - 24/7 support! - 3/5 working day delivery or sooner! HOW DO I START EARNING? - Click become & affiliate & create your account. - Advertise your products via any social media platform, or word of mouth! - Join our affiliate Facebook groups for full support on how to start your business & make it successful - Fill in your back office & be paid each Friday LEGAL BIT We'll need you to read and stick to the terms and conditions which you can view on our joining form page. Once you have been successfully accepted as a Bella Casa affiliate you can start earning commission straightaway & will be paid each Friday!

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Our testimonials

"I became a rep for bella casa to help earn an income from home after losing my job and becoming a full time stay at home mum, After not even 24hours of being with bella casa I was completely 100% passionate and knew I'd made the right choice. I'm now the affiliate manager earning a stable income for me and my family from home, making new friends everyday and building an incredible relationship with everyone."


Chloe - Affiliate

Affiliate Manager

"I joined Bella casa, because of there amazing products and great support, anything I need help with there’s always someone there to help. My customers like a variety of products and Bella casa has everything to suit each and every individual. I honestly can’t think of a better company to be with and I can’t thank them enough for all the support"




"I am an affiliate because I have 2 boys who I need to look after and I have always loved to work so becoming an affiliate meant I can work and still be there for my boys 24/7. I chose Bella Casa because I wanted to work for a company that does a wide range of products and provides good training and support, I haven't been with Bella Casa long but I've had a lot of support from the team and I am glad I chose this company. "




Frequently asked questions

How often will I be paid?

You'll paid each Friday :)

Will I receive help & support getting started?

Yes we offer full training & support to our affiliates!

Am I required to hit targets?

Nope! No targets, no requirements, if you don't want to continue, don't make sales etc, thats not a problem!

Do I have to payout to start earning?

It's 110% free to become an affiliate you don't need to buy anything or payout in anyway!

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